Carbon Express Predator Hot Pursuit


  • Matched Weight Set—All Predator™ series 12-pack sets are sorted and matched by weight for best-in-class consistency. Weight sorting tolerance is +/- 3.0 grains.
  • Real Straightness—Every Predator™ series shaft is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. Predator™ shafts are checked to a straightness of +/- 0.006" as a maximum measurement, not an average.
  • Performance Vanes—Exclusive Carbon Express® Assault™ low-profile performance vanes for maximum arrow velocity and greater accuracy.
  • Parabolic Feathers—Parabolic cut feathers feature uniform pre-ground quills for consistent flight and exceptional accuracy. The parabolic profile has a consistent height of roughly 5/8" with slightly less surface area compared to shield cut design which results in a quieter overall flight.
  • NEW for 2017 Predator Hot Pursuit—The same great features you expect from Predator arrows in Hot Pursuit colors.

High Performance Carbon Arrow

The Predator™ Hot Pursuit is designed to offer outstanding strength, durability and high-powered performance for hunters searching for performance and affordability in their hunting quiver. The Predator is a rugged carbon composite arrow certain to deliver impressive results.

Sizes: 2040 (7.04gpi & .600 spine), 3050 (8.06gpi & .500 spine)
Diameter: .277" (2040), .281" (3050)
Available In: 12 pack shafts, 6 pack arrows         
Length: 30.0”
Straightness factor: ±.006"
Weight tolerance: ±3.0 grain


3050 12-pack shafts | SKU: 50894 | UPC: 044734-50894-4
2040 12-pack shafts | SKU: 50895 | UPC: 044734-50895-1
3050 6-pack fletched | SKU: 50896 | UPC: 044734-50896-8
2040 6-pack fletched | SKU: 50897 | UPC: 044734-50897-5

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